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"I want you to be there." Micro Meetups in Detroit and San Francisco this week!

OK first off, the new blog I tried to make is being a jerk, so long live this one for now! It’s good to be back in the neon green. :)

This week there are 2 informal micro meetup micro parties for LOVELAND micro real estate, one in Detroit THIS WEDNESDAY and one in San Francisco THIS SATURDAY. Mary and I have the honor of being flown out to west side for a talk about the project at a conference by the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto and want to make the most of our trip there.

Here are the details on both:

* The Detroit event is this Wednesday, May 12th at 7 PM at our studio at the Russell Industrial Center, 2nd floor, building 2, suite 211 at 1600 Clay St. Here’s the Facebook event page with RSVP and here’s the google map.

* The San Francisco event is this Saturday, May 15th at 7 PM at the Noisebridge hacker space in the Mission at 2169 Mission St. Here’s the Facebook event page with RSVP and here’s the google map.

My cell is 908-343-1981 if you get lost, want to talk, or anything else.

Here’s generally what to expect: We’ll have some refreshments and things like that, and we want to share a short interactive presentation on the adventure-in-progress that is LOVELAND, brainstorm cool ideas, hang out and help connect some cool peops. It’ll be nice and casual.

LOVELAND rolls pretty punk rock and mysterious as far as startups go because we’re trying to create a culture and a brand that can constantly transform itself, and I can’t wait to share the more comprehensive and complete story of where this came from, where it’s at, what we’ve tried and learned so far, and where we see it going as we continue leveling up and adding definition.

It’s gonna be fun and interesting. We hope to see you there! : )

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