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Project Lemon Battery Sucks In Sun, Spits Out Fun

Check it out, Alan’s got an update and video showing more early progress on the DIY solar powered web-streaming camera we’re going to try out on LOVELAND properties: And then there was light…

Incremental progressing being the name of the lemon battery game, here’s a big upgrade and good news for the project. Gone are the days where stabbing a lemon with nails and pennies gave us our scarce bits of power. We now have a working scale model for Project Lemon Battery solar powered web cam.

Yep, keeping with the LOVELAND theme of scaling up from inches, Alan literally started out by lighting up LEDs with a lemon (hey, they look like little suns!). Part mad scientist hacker, part elementary school science fair. I love it. As they say (in auto-tune, no less), Science is the poetry of reality:

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