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Begging For Batteries: What We Need To Make The Solar Streaming Property Camera Work

Update: Wow, great news! Phillip Cooley has stepped in and purchased the battery we need to stream the property. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, and very worthy of Mary Lorene Carter's newest trademark compliment: “You are a good person, and people say nice things about you.” We will do you proud, and you have made us and many inchvestors happy. Now everyone go eat at Slow’s Bar-B-Q. :)

Battery down. Everything else still applies:


Alan has been nailing it on our Project Lemon Battery solar powered web cam ++. We have the solar panel, we have the first camera (an old iPhone that streams over 3G), we have the working software that automagically posts pictures to Flickr every 10 seconds, we have the 21 foot tall poll cemented in the ground with wires running through it, and we have the birdhouse in which the camera will sit. 

What we don’t yet have is the battery we need to install at the base of the pole to make sure that the camera will be recharged by the solar panel and ensure the camera stays on even when the sun is hiding. The price of this badboy is $342 plus $98 shipping, for a grand total of $440. Look at this beast:


Check out the videos we’ve made using Lemon Battery so far. Both of these show us terraforming Plymouth, the first LOVELAND property of 10,000 inches for 588 people.

Here’s digging out the shape of Plymouth and digging the hole for the pole:

Here’s planting the pole in the ground, tying it in place, and filling the hole with concrete:

Further, Mike R has been working to layer graphical magic on top of the Lemon Battery stream like this:

So we have an awesome AWESOME package in place but we need help affording the battery. If you want to see this system happen sooner than later please buy some land in the new property, Hello World, or get in touch about becoming a sponsor of the battery.

You can buy micro real estate in Detroit here at $1 an inch, and you can call me at 908-343-1981 to talk. Remember, LOVELAND has been entirely bootstrapped from tiny inchvestments (inch sales) rather than large investments, and we’re doing our first grant program where we’re splitting money from inch sales with other projects in the city. 

If you’re a Plymouth inchvestor, chipping in will get your land online faster and help get this unique system up and running. We’ve been getting interest from other projects in Detroit that want to use the system, and we’re down for that. So let’s get this battery and spread the love, sunshine, streams, and lemons.

Thank you and awesome.

4 years ago

April 26, 2010
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