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Neighborhoods, Services, and Sponsors, Oh My!

These past couple of rounds we’ve offered a new inchvestor reward and feature. If you own a square foot or more of LOVELAND (144 inches) you’ll get your own Neighborhood that you’ll be able to control with the similar tools to what we use behind the scenes, allowing you to give away or sell your land to friends or anyone and lay out their property lines. We’ll feature Neighborhoods alongside the full property map, encouraging people to explore them in particular. It’s your own little Sim City.

As we build the Neighborhood tools we’re paying attention to how the tools could be applied to human-scale macro real estate. We’ve had some meetings with groups interested in using the mapping tool in their neighborhoods. So cool. Larry has been rocking it, and the first map like that we put together is of the second floor of building 2 of the Russell Industrial Center. This map represents all the studios and I’m just sending invites out to all the occupants so they can log in and fill out what they do there. See the interactive version here.

We’re also working on bringing back an older idea and implementing an Inch Services section. What’s an inch service? Well, hopefully it will be an immediate answer to the question, “What do I do with my land?” LOVELAND itself will offer a few basic services like, for example, if you’d like to pay for a seed to be planted on your land, we’ll go do that for you. And if people want to offer their own services to inchvestors, they can do that. For example, miniature model maker John Bell has been thinking about a new micro car factory called Packard II. Want a miniature car for your micro real estate? There’s There will be an app inch service for that. Want to offer a service of your own and make money if people want to buy it for their land? Get in touch.

We could also use more monetary support to keep going strong. Funds are always super tight, and it makes sense to offer a way for people and businesses to support the project without having to buy land. We’re working on a new map interface that will feature Neighborhoods, inch services, and property sponsors. Here’s a sketch Alan made as we work out the design: 

If you’re interested in supporting the project and becoming a sponsor we can work that out. We’re not totally sure what to charge or how to handle it yet so I can’t be specific on what we’re asking for yet, but that’s all the more reason to get on the phone and talk about what’s fair. 

As always you can call me at 908-343-1981 or email jerry[at]makeloveland[dot]com. And as always you are encouraged to buy land and have fun. :)



4 years ago

April 26, 2010
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