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"@makeloveland Chicken!" My Short Talk On Augmented Twitter at The 140 Characters Conference

Mary gives the fuller story, but the panel I was on at the 140 Character Conference was rocked by volcanic eruptions that stranded Josh and Rita in London while Tish Shute and I carried on in condensed form. Here’s my supershort superfasttalk that touches on inspiration for bringing elements from virtual worlds out onto the realtime web and the really real world:

@makeloveland Chicken! Augmented Twitter supershorttalk at 140 Characters Conference from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

Here’s the link to the @thekotel project I mention (Tweet Your Prayers — apparently my tweeted prayer for peace and pizza is on its way to the wall in Jerusalem, how crazy is that??) and the 3D Mailbox website (alchemically turning words into graphics = best concept ev-ar). Aaand here are some Augmented Reality pics Mike Rugnetta put together on inchvestor land in Detroit as we work on getting Project Lemon Battery humming with LOVELAND.

Augmented mARy:

Augmented Volcano:

Augmented Robot:

It’s been an inspiring trip to New York. Now headed back to Detroit all pumped up on passionate internet movers and shakers, with a few new ideas up the ole sleeve. <3 Got more to say about this stuff, but once again need more time. :)

/cue get-off-the-stage music

Buy land, have fun,




4 years ago

April 22, 2010
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