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First Day of Plymouth Construction and Lemon Battery Time-lapse

Yesterday Alan, Mary, James, and I (joined by two students shooting documentaries in Detroit) broke ground on the site of Plymouth, the first 10,000 square inch LOVELAND property. We dug out the shape of the grid so we can pour a concrete border and path into the middle and run the property lines for 10,000 square inches, and a 3 foot deep hole to plant the pole for our Lemon Battery solar panel and camera.

Alan brought the solar panel and the camera to record the work. Over the course of 2 and a 1/2 hours Lemon Battery snapped 636 photos and automagically posted them to its Flickr account. The photos were then pulled into a time-lapse video on Youtube:


Blows. My. Mind. We’ve got quite a powerful live and archival documentation tool to play with now, and we’ll be able to overlay the physical property installation we’re constructing at 8887 E Vernor Highway:

with the online property map:


Here’s the 21 foot tall pole the camera will go on:

And here’s the birdhouse that it’ll go in as a mount:

Thanks Tim! If you ever need a birdhouse in the greater Detroit/Hamtramck area, this is your shop.

Tell ‘im LOVELAND sentcha.

4 years ago

April 12, 2010
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