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"The project is too weird for me not to do it."

If you want to see one of the cooler, weirder, more surprising transformations on the popular internet, this is what Flickr the photo sharing site looked like when it started out as an open-ended virtual world called Game Neverending (2002 - 2004):

link via Waxy

Now co-founder Stewart Butterfield and friends are working on a new game called Glitch coming out later this year, which, if history is any guide, will somehow morph into something that saves the publishing industry (or something like that :)). Here’s the trailer:


And! He also has himself 12 shiny new inches in Detroit, saying the project is too weird for him not to. This bodes well for LOVELAND in a not so weird way. I wonder what we’ll hatch into in the future, too, having created sufficiently weird conditions that hatching can happen. :)

I put Stewart on an open space of the map figuring there are some people who’d want to self-select to be his neighbors. So, who’s in? He probably doesn’t mind if you play your music loud at night or check the mail in your underwear. Become Stewart’s neighbor right here.

Welcome aboard, Stewart. Keep Austin LOVELAND weird!

4 years ago

April 12, 2010
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