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What’s Goin’ On?! A Quick LOVELAND Update

Holy crudler, time flies. Here’s the quick scoop.

☛ We’re beginning to fill in the new 50,000 square inch Hello World property. Please inchvest here at $1 a square inch. We have a goal to hit over the next few days. 1/2 of the inchvestment money goes to 7 other grant projects in Detroit. The rest goes to us building rad stuff for you. Not that we’ve been prying into your affairs, but we have heard through the grapevine that you like RAD STUFF!

Here’s Hello World in progress, let’s fillerup!

☛ People are logging into the new site Larry made and saying Hey! Definitely try it if you haven’t yet and see who your neighbors are. You definitely see some interesting activity. :) Here are some clips I captured:

☛ The transformation of the Plymouth property begins this week! Here’s the property, pre-mowing, as modeled by Mary.

☛ Here’s what we’re constructing to define the 10,000 square inch property: a 9 x 9 foot grid with foot wide border and path into the middle. The pole is for the solar powered camera that will stream it online:

☛ We got our solar panel in the mail. Look at that badboy! (I’m talking about the panel, not Alan):

☛ Mike R is working on an Augmented Reality overlay for the camera feed so you can toggle the property lines on and off (by the way, he just did A Ticket for Rush ;)):

☛ And even overlay imagery of your choosing:

☛ We had a meeting with The Villages Community Development Corporation last week (Plymouth is in the East Village area of Detroit) which was very encouraging as regards scaling LOVELAND up in the future. Imagine that the property map you log into on the website wasn’t only for inches, but whole neighborhoods or whole cities. We’re going to meet again to see if maybe we can share some tools and data.

☛ Maybe we’ll try one out with the Russell Industrial Center first. They kindly sent over their floor plan and occupant map to us today. The RIC suffers from the same problem that a lot of communities do: How the heck do I know who’s here that I might like to meet or collaborate with, and how can we talk about what’s going on around us? Almost like a social network for space. Maybe we can use this as a real life test case, starting with the floor that LOVELAND’s studio is on.

☛ We’re also starting to look seriously at grants and alternative forms of funding for the project. It’s become hard enough paying for everything we need to, let alone want to. To support LOVELAND you can inchvest in land here, but also if you want to support at a higher or different level, or sponsor or assist with gaining additional resources so we can keep things going at the speed and scope that they should be, please call Jerry at 908-343-1981 and we can talk it out.

Much appreciated. Spread the word, spread the love, spread the inches. Back to it… <3

4 years ago

April 7, 2010
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