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Breaking Ground On A Ground Breaking Work of Staggering Inches

Hear ye, hear ye. This coming Sunday we’ll be at 8887 E Vernor Highway, the site of Plymouth, the first 10,000 square inch LOVELAND property, to break ground on the construction of the grid, and the property lines for LOVELAND’s initial 588 inchvestors will be set in place.

Here’s the location again (google map) on Detroit’s east side, in The Villages.

Here’s Mary doing her trademark Motor City Badass pose. The other day Mary, Alan, James, Mary’s dad, and met there to finalize the construction plans

One of Courtney’s friends should be out there this week to mow the grass and then on Sunday we’ll be out there with some shovels, some bags of cement, a pole (gosh willing) for the solar camera, and some stakes, tiles, and wood.

Here are some great images that Alan made in Sketchup (flickr set) of what Plymouth will look like.

We made an executive decision (love those) when we were on the property to ditch the metal grid in favor of a wire grid strung between eyelets all around the interior frame. That will make the grid itself more fluid and inchvestors won’t have to deal with bars of metal on their land. If anyone wants to help volunteer in digging up some ground, setting some cement, or any other handiwork, please let us know!

If you’re an inchvestor in Plymouth, get your mind fired up for what you want to have happen on your inches. You can mail things that fit on your property (flag poles, models, pictures, seeds, etc, anything PG and safe) to:

at The Russell Industrial Center
c/o Jerry Paffendorf
1600 Clay St
Detroit, MI 48211 

You can see the online property map of inches along with inchvestor’s who’ve logged into their land right here.

See the original time-lapse of Plymouth being designed in tape form on the floor of the Russell Industrial Center:

Crazy Company Presents A LOVELAND Premonition from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

Which was scraped up and displayed as an art piece:

And then reincarnated in the form of Russell tiles (which will ring the installation on Vernor) in the new studio at the Russell:

So the on-site installation will be maybe the fourth incarnation of Plymouth. Wow. Thank you for your patience, all Plymouth inchvestors, as we’ve worked through this process. And don’t forget we’ve got a new grid to fill in on a new property (the exact location of which is still a secret, even from us :)). You can get inches there via the big green Get Inches! button on makeloveland.com.

Here we go…

4 years ago

April 4, 2010
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