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w00t! Just Commissioned A Functional 8-Bit Map of Detroit Via Kickstarter

Awesome! I saw this pop up on my radar and went for it. It’s too perfect.

Brett Camper is making fully accurate 8-bit maps of real cities. His Kickstarter project advertises that for $200 he’ll make any city you want (there are also cheaper rewards, check it out). 8-bit New York City is live right here (also pictured above), and he’s got a list of the usual suspect cities he’s planning:

- San Francisco
- Los Angeles
- Boston
- Chicago
- Washington D.C.
- Seattle
- London
- Paris

Obviously Detroit needs to be on there! Whoever commissions a map can be credited as its “mayor”. This one is dedicated to LOVELAND's inchvestors. Hopefully we can really functionally use the map in the project too, linking to LOVELAND properties etc.

Too awesome. Thanks Brett! <3

4 years ago

March 8, 2010
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