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Inching Towards Augmented Real Estate: Recovery Video, Layering With Friends

Salright! Just in time for a new little week, here’s a new little video premonition picking up where the last one left off and showing the Recovery Colony property where I want to start setting up some augmented reality incheractivity for inchvestors:

LOVELAND Premonition 2: “When We Last See Our Hero” / Augmented Reality For The Recovery Colony from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

On my ever growing list of things to do I really need to focus on inch sales again. We need money in order to set up and transform the new property, and I’m completely cash-jammed. All help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated. Here’s the current Kickstarter round of inches. Let’s do awesome things!!

As new twists to the project rear their head I want to triply thank all my friends and inchvestors who’ve been brainstorming with me, doing things, and giving advice. <3. To that end, I was very happy to spend quality time with my friend Matt Daly who came to Detroit and visited Plymouth, pictured here pondering his plot. Hmmm……. :)

We went exploring around the city some and I finally download the Layar augmented reality app for my iPhone, which got me more excited for adding some AR to LOVELAND sooner than later. It uses the phone’s GPS and compass to tell you what’s around as you look through the camera in realtime, and simply seeing graphical overlays like that is exciting. Here I am testing it on the Ambassador Bridge, and their story checks out:

Cris stands between me and Hittsville USA:

Joe blocks me from the Detroit Olympia:

Matt’s boot is the only thing stopping me from Wayne State University:

And Lando is cool where he is:

Onward to Recovery, and what layers may come.

4 years ago

October 26, 2009
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