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Inchy Goes To Burning Man, Nay, Balsa Man

I’ve never been to Burning Man, but I have a lot of friends who go, and it seems like every year I make a small effort to get there that doesn’t pan out. No money, no time, is always the mantra the week before. I felt double bad for not going this year since the LOVELAND project has some similarities, being a crowd created little city.

So imagine my joy when after the Pirate Cat Radio interview on Friday, Naomi and Josh told me about a tiny-themed tiny Burning Man called Balsa Man happening the next day just a cab ride away at Baker Beach in San Francisco. They were working on a little telegraph tower to set up there and I didn’t know what to do besides bring a couple of prototype inch grids.

It was a fun time and Pierce and I met some cool people who I hope to stay in touch with on the project. Let’s go to the video tape, which includes the burning of the tiny man, the telegraph getting setup (and destroyed) on the grid, and Inchy catching on fire.

I was wearing my “I’ve Got 12 Inches In Detroit” shirt and someone named Sam came over asking if it was for the LOVELAND project. Turns out he’s from Detroit and working on a relevant project called Maker Beam, an open source building kit like Lego’s on steroids which he just put it up on Kickstarter. We talked about using it make a tiny version of Detroit’s People Mover for LOVELAND called the Pico Mover (pico being a very small unit of measurement).

I’m still posting my pictures but there’s a big pool with lots of nice pics of people and all the tiny art works on Flickr.

On snap I was busted!

Tiny San Francisco:

Tiny bathrooms:

Tiny towns:

Tiny Keyboard Cat and Domokun:

Tiny giant squid attacks:

1/16th tiny Indian tacos:

Regular sized tiny UN inspectors looking for tiny weapons:

They did find a tiny pants canon:

And many many other tiny things that probably burned.

5 years ago

September 7, 2009
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