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Hi! My name is Jerry Paffendorf and I world the <3. You can find me on The FacebookThe FlickrThe Twitter, and The LinkedIn. You can email me on The Gmail at j e r r y p [aaattt™] g m a i l . c o m.

New page with projects and background and bio stuff coming soon. I’m just coming out of almost 2 years working on an amazing but still stealth realtime social web project™ (I seen things that will melt your idea of the internets — yes, the ones you are ons right now) and haven’t consciously maintained my online identity in quite some time so it’s gone a bit to the wilds. Rawr.

Now I’m working on a project called Crazy Company that’s “crazy enough to work” (and work enough to be crazy), figuring out the first steps for that. I think the first thing will happen in Detroit, so I’m spending some time there learning more about the city and making new friends. You can also still find me back and forth between San Francisco and Brooklyn at variable times like a WIN-shield wiper.

If you want a medium-long story about me, I pecked one out below. Thanks!


I’m a high school dropout (GED, baby!), artist (BFA in video and mixed-media™), futurist (MS in Studies of the Future™), ontrepreneur™ (venture-funded shtartups™, more different things to come), and swell guy™ (ask around, and invite me to hang out). I’m also a bit of a virtual worldy realtime social webby expert, but who’s counting? I’ve done some just OK (of course, you have to learn) but I think mostly AWESOME work in all these areas, some things well documented, some not.

I like metaverse stuff™, so like, where the internet (that damn global network of all of us and all our stuff and all our non-stuff™) connects with video games, virtual worlds, maps, social networks, simulations, visualizations, and meaning and imagination outside of the brain and body in the realest of real worlds we have. I’m a serious guy who likes messing around because 1) it’s fun, and fun rules (it cuts through our differences), and 2) that’s how you discover new things if you’re also paying attention.

I was born, raised, and cut my teeth (they still hurt!) in the rural northwestern forests and farms of the most derided state in the union (AKA New Jersey™). Since then I’ve lived around some, namely in Portland, OR; Oxford, England (just a summer, give it to me); Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Brooklyn, NY (Silicon Ghetto™), and San Francisco, CA (Silicon Valley). I like everywhere OK for different reasons and hope to live in more places so I can meet more of you, my (aallmmoosstt) 7™ billion™ friends™.™

It is my opinion, based on research and feeling, that in the next couple of decades the world will become so wired up, inter-connected, transparent, on-demand, paved over with virtuality, and malleable to our collective desires that it won’t resemble the world of the past or present very much at all. I reserve the right to change this opinion, but I also reserve the right to operate upon it today.

If I were forced at gunpoint to write a six-word autobiography it would go:

Grandfather: Farmer. Father: Soldier. Me: Futurist.

If I could add two more words they’d be:

IfSonDaughterthen: Whothehellknows!


5 years ago

May 8, 2009
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