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Breaking Ground On A Ground Breaking Work of Staggering Inches

Hear ye, hear ye. This coming Sunday we’ll be at 8887 E Vernor Highway, the site of Plymouth, the first 10,000 square inch LOVELAND property, to break ground on the construction of the grid, and the property lines for LOVELAND’s initial 588 inchvestors will be set in place.

Here’s the location again (google map) on Detroit’s east side, in The Villages.

Here’s Mary doing her trademark Motor City Badass pose. The other day Mary, Alan, James, Mary’s dad, and met there to finalize the construction plans

One of Courtney’s friends should be out there this week to mow the grass and then on Sunday we’ll be out there with some shovels, some bags of cement, a pole (gosh willing) for the solar camera, and some stakes, tiles, and wood.

Here are some great images that Alan made in Sketchup (flickr set) of what Plymouth will look like.

We made an executive decision (love those) when we were on the property to ditch the metal grid in favor of a wire grid strung between eyelets all around the interior frame. That will make the grid itself more fluid and inchvestors won’t have to deal with bars of metal on their land. If anyone wants to help volunteer in digging up some ground, setting some cement, or any other handiwork, please let us know!

If you’re an inchvestor in Plymouth, get your mind fired up for what you want to have happen on your inches. You can mail things that fit on your property (flag poles, models, pictures, seeds, etc, anything PG and safe) to:

at The Russell Industrial Center
c/o Jerry Paffendorf
1600 Clay St
Detroit, MI 48211 

You can see the online property map of inches along with inchvestor’s who’ve logged into their land right here.

See the original time-lapse of Plymouth being designed in tape form on the floor of the Russell Industrial Center:

Crazy Company Presents A LOVELAND Premonition from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

Which was scraped up and displayed as an art piece:

And then reincarnated in the form of Russell tiles (which will ring the installation on Vernor) in the new studio at the Russell:

So the on-site installation will be maybe the fourth incarnation of Plymouth. Wow. Thank you for your patience, all Plymouth inchvestors, as we’ve worked through this process. And don’t forget we’ve got a new grid to fill in on a new property (the exact location of which is still a secret, even from us :)). You can get inches there via the big green Get Inches! button on makeloveland.com.

Here we go…

4 years ago

April 4, 2010
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Leveling Up!

Man, what a week. We’ve grown a bit, and you can take a look at LOVELAND’s people page to see the crew behind the curtain. Krista and Nicole are the newest entrants and over the last week we’ve been getting everyone up to speed and setting up our collaboration tools and responsibilities.

We invited Krista onboard to lead outreach for inch sales in Season 2, with our ambitious new goal of a 50,000 square inch property, and an ambitious new grant program where we’re splitting inchvestment money 50/50 with 7 other great projects in Detroit. Half of your inchvestment goes to help them level up, and the other 1/2 goes to helping LOVELAND level up, giving us the fuel we need to become awesomer and awesomer. 

So far I think we’ve done a really great job being super interesting and laying the foundation of the project and the community, and proving concepts. Now we’ve got to level up on our resources and outreach to people and organizations who want to help build LOVELAND, because there’s more work to be done than we can currently do, and more to pay for than we can currently afford.

It’s super exciting to be at this point, and I want to thank everyone again for believing in and supporting the project as we progressively continue to evolve and realize this vision. As they say in France: le y’all rock!

4 years ago

March 28, 2010
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New LOVELAND Site for Season 2!

OK! We’ve got a new site at makeloveland.com for the start of Season 2. Check it out!

We’re still getting some things into place and stacking and re-stacking words, but Larry rocked it, and we got it up just in time to see the end of the first full day of spring like we’d hoped.

Some very notable notes on the site and season 2:

First, if you’re an inchvestor, you can now log into the site, fill out a profile, see your neighbors, make yourself available for contact, comment on things, etc. Let me know if you have any issues, this is all new.

Second, we’ve set a new goal of 50,000 inches on a new property called Hello World. The name of season 2 is Building The Bridge To Everywhere, and the side story to that is LOVELAND is building a bridge across the Detroit River, which just happens to be 50,000 inches across in parts. Look out for more illustrations and cartoons and fun stuff about that.

Important and awesome to know, we’re trying out the first LOVELAND grant system. We selected 7 projects in Detroit that run along the spectrum of practical to creative land use: farming, community gardens, architectural rehabilitation, and art. The plan is to split the season’s inchvestment with these projects and follow along with what they’re doing and how they use it.

Our site is now about 3 trillion times cleaner than before and I’m eyeing that wide image spot at the top of each page as a place to frequently update wild images from the season 2 story. Keep your eyes peeled.

Working on a new video for the homepage now. Send us feedback on the site and have fun!

4 years ago

March 22, 2010
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"I’ve Never Heard Of Logging Into Property Before"

Yesterday was the first day that some inchvestors started logging in and poking around the new site. If you’re an inchvestor and want to test it out and give feedback before we replace the old site, let me know. I’m sitting here right now with a piece of paper and a pen trying to condense the simplest bestest feedback directions for Larry.

Here’s the homepage after you log in right now, with some peops starting to fill things out. Full-size image. Almost there for season 2! :D Mary and Alan and I were at an Open City meeting last night and met a nonprofit working on vacant land development in the area of the first property. It was awesome to connect and see eyes light up at the idea of PEOPLE LOGGING INTO LAND. To be continued…

4 years ago

March 17, 2010
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What’s Up? To Do List Number 7,846.538

LOVELAND next to do’s for me, Jerry P:

The new website is alllmost ready! We need some inchvestors who want to login early to come test it out and refine things over the next few days. Get in touch if you want the access info. Basically, Larry has been kicking butt at it and it looks great. What we need are peops who want to poke around and send us feedback for the things they want added or clarified before it goes live. I’m jerryp[at]gmail[dot]com or 908-343-1981. 

We’ve got a great list but we’re still finalizing all the grantees we’re sharing inchvestment money with during season 2. If you have or know of a project in Detroit that is somewhere on the spectrum of practical or creative land use (farming, gardening, parks, building restoration, or pure art work) please let us know ASAP.

Since I’ve been traveling for the project the last couple weeks I haven’t been able to do much on the physical installation of the Plymouth grid (besides make a breakthrough on materials via my dad), but now that I’m back and I hear the birds chirping and the bees buzzing, well let’s finalize the budget and get that badboy in the ground.

I need to buy art supplies for the 9- and 11-year old neighbors of the first property.

I need to coordinate with Jen about getting flowers and other things planted on the property.

I also need to get back into the database and move some people around to finalize the layout of Plymouth and stamp it with my seal of might (or something like that :)).

The illustration for The Bridge To Everywhere needs to be completed. (This is a virtual bridge that will progress inch by inch across the 50,000 inches of the Detroit River, measuring out progress through season 2.) 

Mary and I need to go back to the city office to confirm the address of the season 2 property so we can buy it (you wouldn’t believe — or maybe you would — how difficult it can be to isolate exactly what property address is where: it would be embarrassing, but completely plausible, to think you’re getting something but actually get something else).

Mary’s rocking it on mailings and other creative and organizational work. She’s got her new (and first!) blog going at I Do Something. Likewise, Alan is rocking the camera at Project Lemon Battery.

Next week we welcome to Detroit from San Francisco to train for her job as Global Director of Inch Sales (or some title like that :)) for LOVELAND season 2. As a Canadian, she will be able to gaze fondly across the river at her Mother Land, and then we will lash her and say get back to work! (keeeding, Krista!)

And other stuff. But who’s got time for other stuff when there’s this stuff?! Well, I’d better, because I’m sure I forgot to list some things I need to do right quick.

/deep breaths

/cannnnoooonnnn baaallllllll!!!!

4 years ago

March 16, 2010
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LoveMachine Collaboration: Can 10,000 Inches Become A Person?

OK, so I don’t know if 10,000 inches can become a person, but I’m modifying that from LoveMachine Inc's provocative self-description:

Right now we have three projects, in different areas and stages of development:
Work. Software for companies to work better and faster.
Money. A digital replacement for world currencies.
The Brain. Can 10,000 computers become a person?

LoveMachine is a new project run by friends Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, and Ryan Downe, creator at Second Life. I got a call from them last night asking if I was at SXSW to come hang out. (Nope, though I hear the Detroit Ice Potato may be making an appearance during the music portion, looking for an album deal…) We did catch up though about doing something together. I love LoveMachine’s live workroom and list of instant jobs that are constantly available for anyone to do on their site.

Those are both things we need on LOVELAND's new site. It's just a better way for us to keep things transparent and invite collaboration and build a creative army like we want to but can't using traditional methods. I'm writing this post to make sure we hook that up together, and whatever else the machine has cooking that the land could use (virtual currency etc). Plus they need to come to come visit us in Detroit!

Isn’t this great? Again from their site:

We are also a different kind of company. Instead of interviewing to work here, you just get to work. If you’d like to join our team, first sign up at the worklist, where you can see and bid on the jobs we need done, then enter our live workroom and talk to other team members!

4 years ago

March 16, 2010
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The Continuation of The Ghost Inches and Project Lemon Battery Test

Yesterday was the big St. Patrick’s Day parade in Corktown, Detroit. Thousands and thousands of people don their greens and go marching down Michigan Avenue right outside our house. It’s a pretty crazy all-day party. 

In the morning I posted a new Kickstarter round and the next episode of the Ghost Inches:

The Legend of The Ghost Inches Part 2: Ghost Inches Unleash Ravishing Forces from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

Not to give anything away (EPIC SPOILER ALERT :P) but the little lemon dude who pops out at the end is the mascot for Alan’s Project Lemon Battery, which is the solar powered web streaming camera that we want to use to help record the properties.

Where Alan has it now, it’s a web service attached to an iPhone camera app that automagically takes and posts pictures a viewing page and to Lemon Battery’s Flickr every 10 seconds (note this will be very random and very down very often as it’s worked on). He attached the camera to his jacket and went walking around the parade while it captured and posted pics all by itself. Here’s a great time-lapse movie Alan made of all the pics:

Testing Testing Lemon Battery from Alan Languirand on Vimeo.

And a few stills:

Huh? You’re not posting this to the internet are you? Too late! :D

I had maaaybe a little bit too much fun drinking pineapple Faygo and vodka (it’s good, I swear :)) with peops that came over, crashed out pretty early, got up at 3 AM and watched more of the Jim Henson Storytellers series from the ’80s that Mary's been introducing me to. Good times!

And now, back on the grind!

4 years ago

March 15, 2010
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LOGINLAND! New Site In Progress

Larry just sent me the framework for the clean new LOVELAND site, where I was able to log in for the first time. Awesome! So pretty soon inchvestors will all have accounts where you can create a profile, link to things from your property, meet the neighbors, and so on.

I’m currently going through the site updating content and making notes for Larry. ¡Viva la inchvolucion!

Oh and look. The properties will still adjust placement a little more before they’re locked down (for example I need to give away some of the 288 inches I kept for myself to other people who came in at the end), but right now one of my neighbors is listed as my grandma.

There goes the neighborhood. Grandma, stop fixing my hair! You’re embarrassing me in front of all the inchvestors!! And yes I brought a sweater!!! :D

4 years ago

March 9, 2010
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Animated Gifs + LOVELAND Fashion = <3

50 inch inchvestor Nicki Manchisi models her new LOVELAND shirt in San Francisco:

We were just catching up about the project and Nicki was reminiscing about its origins and all the inch grids I was leaving around the house back in the day, which are still hanging up on the walls. <3

4 years ago

March 9, 2010
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w00t! Just Commissioned A Functional 8-Bit Map of Detroit Via Kickstarter

Awesome! I saw this pop up on my radar and went for it. It’s too perfect.

Brett Camper is making fully accurate 8-bit maps of real cities. His Kickstarter project advertises that for $200 he’ll make any city you want (there are also cheaper rewards, check it out). 8-bit New York City is live right here (also pictured above), and he’s got a list of the usual suspect cities he’s planning:

- San Francisco
- Los Angeles
- Boston
- Chicago
- Washington D.C.
- Seattle
- London
- Paris

Obviously Detroit needs to be on there! Whoever commissions a map can be credited as its “mayor”. This one is dedicated to LOVELAND's inchvestors. Hopefully we can really functionally use the map in the project too, linking to LOVELAND properties etc.

Too awesome. Thanks Brett! <3

4 years ago

March 8, 2010
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